Tachometer Tester
Model TG23P

The model TG23P is an entirely solid state digital 3 Phase, 2 pole, Tachometer Generator Simulator. There are no motors, strobe lights or moving parts in the unit which makes it ideal for testing electro-mechanical type Tachometers, Percent RPM Indicators, Dual and Triple Tachometer indicators.
The unit exactly simulates the electrical charactistics to that of a mechanically driven tachometer generator such as the familiar 32005 or GEU-7A series, however, the TG23P is microprocessor / crystal controlled and therefore has no mechanical or moving parts. This makes the unit extremely accurate, silent and reliable. An Auto-Step feature automatically cycles the test values from zero to full scale in 10% increments and output voltage can also be adjusted through the keypad. The unit is ideal for use in the aircraft or can be used in a workshop environment.
Supply Voltage 115Vac 60 Hz
                               230Vac 50 Hz
Accuracy, 0.05Hz (3 RPM)
Resolution, 1 RPM
Frequency Range, 600 to 6000 RPM
Voltage Adjust Range, 3 to 21 VAC
Phase Rotation, Clockwise or Anti-clockwise
Voltage Resolution 1Vac
TG23P front panel and display
TG23P connected to % tachometer
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